Songwriter / Composer / Producer

Film + TV

2010 90210 (TV Series)
- "Confessions" (songwriter/producer: "Siempre Tu") & "Javianna" (songwriter/producer: "Fade Away (Acoustic)"

2010 Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) (songwriter/producer)

2009 Ex (Paradis Film / Rai Cinema / Italian International Film) (songwriter)

2009 Criminal Minds (TV Series) -"Demonology", Season 4, ep. 17 (songwriter/producer "My Side of The Story")

2007 Firehouse Dog (TV Series) - theme song (songwriter/producer: "Our Lives") 
2007 How to Catch a Millionaire (TV Movie) 
2005 Cold Case (TV Series) "Frank's Best"

2003 Love Actually (Universal Pictures) (songwriter/producer) 

2003 Daredevil (Fox / Marvel) (songwriter/producer: "For You") 

 2001 Smallville (TV Series) "Metamorphosis" (songwriter/producer)

 2001 Summer Catch (Warner Bros.) Feature Film) (writer: "Sweet Summer") 
 2000Coyote Ugly (Disney - Feature Film) (songwriter/producer)

2006 National Lampoon's Boobies (Video short)  (composer/songwriter/producer)
2000 Homelessness and Voices of Providence in the City of Angels (Documentary)